jQuery Mobile & Codiqa & TimeDiff

Hi back again,

For some time, I have been interested in mobile app development, primarily using HTML 5 technologies. The interest started with BlackBerry's Playbook Offer, and to get a free PlayBook, I developed the free PlayBook application TimeDiff which was interesting experience for me.

As you might get from my posts, I am not that much of an HTML / CSS guy. I try to keep up with Python and C# but for a free PlayBook I actually did implement a pure HTML 5 & Javascript application, and using BlackBerry WebWorks SDK I turned that into a native (?) application.

Long story short, I had a real nice hands-on experience with jQueryMobile (the mobile version of jQuery) a neat framework to create touch-screen friendly applications. And I wanted to share some plugins with you that I found useful.

Codiqa: This is something that I actually did not use for the development of TimeDiff, but I found it very useful for a start. Codiqa, located at http://www.codiqa.com/, is a very nice web-based UI to create a jQueryMobile based applciation. It has an online designer that you can create and preview your application with different device sizes.

DateBox: DateBox is a very nice set of plugins to add Date / Time pickers to your jQueryMobile application. Not much words needed, check out the demos here to see how many great stuff you can do with the DateBox.

Before my last words, you can take a peek at my application from here and get it for your PlayBook from the BlackBerry App World.

Take care,