We are all converging from & to each other

Hi back again, long time I haven't posted...

One of the reasons that I like C# and Python (together) is the feeling that they are converging to each other. How I ended up with this conclusion?

Well, I have just learned that C# (and not only in .NET Framework 4.0 but starting from the 2.0 version) has a way of declaring named and optional function arguments.. This quite sounds familiar to me: from Python as you might expect. I have a strong guess that Python had it earlier (even though I am not sure) but it is not the issue. Whoever had it before, somehow moved the other one forward.. That is what is going on with the modern and developing languages and I actually like this (kind of) competition. It helps the developers learn new programming languages and develop projects faster after getting familiar to the syntax..

Wish learning (regular) languages were this easy, too:)

Take care,

p.s. Here are the links for Python and C# respectively


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