Stereo: Use Responsibly

Dear all,

I'm not an expert on music nor have any education on recording technologies etc. I am not an audiophile (and not rich enough to be one). I just love listening to music, and love listening it loudly.

Today, I was driving and experienced something that bothered me for so long. It was just my car's FM player and the song was something that I have never heard of (and I don't remember it right now, low quality popular music:) Then there were 3 beats, played on left-right-left speakers consecutively muting the other one.

Dear those who are recording / mixing / mastering these songs, please use stereo responsively!.. It is quite unpleasant for a "listener" like me that gives almost full attention to the music (even while driving). My attention gets lost in seconds, and by the way, it really sounds disturbing. Please check out the high-quality albums and see that what you do is almost never done - and I'm quite sure that they know how they can do it much better than you -

Take good care,

p.s: Everything in this post extends to surround systems without loss of generality. Unfortunately my car has only 2 speakers:)

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